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Strategic Services

Due Diligence Services:

Due Diligence of an entity irrespective of its size takes an important place in the potentioal acquisitions, strategic investments, collaborations and/or joint ventures and gives a measure as to the risk involved in the potential investment, based on which the Investor can take an informed decision, as to proceed further or not. Due Diligence may be classified into Legal, Secretarial, Financial and Operational/process oriented. The process involves:

  • Providing the checklists and documentatin required;
  • Conducting due diligence process;
  • Assist the parties concerned during the discussions and also during the negotiation process;
  • Undertaking documentation and completing the required compliances under various Corporate Laws that are applicable to a particular entity, based on the observations in the Diligence process;
  • Assist in drating of the requirement documents/agreements that are required in the proposed investment process;
  • Assisting the entity and the investors for complying the post investment formalities.

Valuation Services:

Valuation has taken a pivotal role in the modern day business, both by the business entities and also by the ex-chequer. Valuation Services may either for the business as such for the purpose of Corporate restructuring or for issue of Securities or to assess the tax liability of a particular transaction and Intangible assets:

Our services include:

  • Fairness Opinions/Independent value analysis of an entity as a whole;
  • Independent value of specific business units within a company;
  • Valuation of ESOPs and other Share related valuations both under the Companies Act and also for FEMA;
  • Intangible Asset valuation;
  • Valuation of financial Assets and Liabilities;
  • Valuation of Related party transactions.

Mergers, Amalgamations and Re-structuring of Business:

Compliance of the Law of the land in word and spirit is paramount, and accordingly, our advice to managements in formulating and implementing restructuring strategies to be in compliance with the frame work of the law, and at the same time to the satisfaction of the shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders is a precursor. Our Services include

  • Amalgamation / Mergers / Demerger of the entities:
  • Documentation for Reduction of Share Capital;
  • Buy-back of Share Capital;
  • Liquidation / Winding-up of Companies;
  • Documentation and representation services before the Tribunal and other Statutory Authorities concerned for all the above.

Structuring of Entities:

A Business man or a Start-up/Entrepreneur, needs a proper guidance on the vehicle that needs to be set-up for implementation of business ideas and to materialize them. Venturing in to a wrong set-up of business constitution, and not knowing the complexities involved therein, will eat way the valuable time and money of the Entrepreneur, and accordingly, we provide the following services as to guiding the Entrepreneur, the correct business constitution to suit his business operations:

  • Identifying the requirement:
  • Selection of an appropriate business model/business constitution;
  • Compliances, approvals involved in the business model/Business, under all possible enactment and the complexities involved, if any;