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Indirect Taxes

  • Transaction Planning to deal with Indirect Taxes/GST Implications
  • Veting of Contracts to guide on the Indirect Taxes/GST aspects
  • Helping entities in Indirect Tax Audits/GST Audits conducted by Department and Preparation of Effective Audit Note replies
  • Conducting preventive audit in the areas of Indirect Taxes/GST to assist the management for compliance
  • Handling the show cause notices till the disposal of the same
  • Representational Services before CBEC, Tribunals, AARs, Setilement Commission and other forums
  • Compliance with laws relating to Indirect Taxes/GST
  • Registration under Indirect Tax/GST Laws
  • E-Filing of Returns under Indirect Taxes/GST
  • Consultancy and liaison with Department under Indirect Tax/GST Laws
  • Helping in filing and obtaining Refunds/Rebates/Incentives under Indirect Tax/GST Laws
  • Arbitration Services under Indirect Tax/GST Laws
  • Seting up systems (ERPs/MIS) for entities under Indirect Tax/GST Laws.